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✽ Drawing FREEWARE spotlight ✽

(Free programs I got to test personally. Updated with new ones appearing.)

:bulletblue: FireAlpaca and its fork CloudAlpaca a.k.a. MediBang Paint. Definitely A MUST if you love SAI-like simplicity, custom brushes, screentones (MediBang) and tools needed for creating comics! It's pretty much CLIP Studio and OpenCanvas's kid brother, so freeware lovers are spoiled rotten! :) See the review about all the yummy features.

:bulletblue: Krita. Didn't get to try it out much due to my laptop being old (but sure will once I get to upgrade :]). If yours is newer, you're in luck - it has a ton of tools for digital painting (and just as much scheduled), plus a wrap-around mode for seamless backgrounds and textures.

:bulletblue: DrawPile. Free editor that supports collaborative drawing. Resembles the very first, free OpenCanvas (see below).

:bulletblue: GIMP. I'd been using it until version 2.7.x and then it got slower on my laptop, as well as more complicated with setting up brushes. Still, the reviews say it has a lot of perks and is good for "advanced" and "super advanced" users.

:bulletblue: MyPaint. Krita's kid brother, a lightweight, fast program good for sketching. Has an "endless" canvas.

:bulletblue: OpenCanvas 1.1 and Autodesk Sketchbook Copic Edition. Pretty much same as MyPaint - small, lightweight, with a smaller set of tools, plus Sketchbook Copic is what it says on the tin - tools are various Copic markers and liners. Must be interesting to those who'd like to try out these markers.

:bulletblue: GraphicsGale. A pixel editor, and a rather cool one at that. The only difference is that the free version doesn't export animated .gifs - but that shouldn't be a problem with a whole lot of online gif makers.


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Welcome home, Godpapa

Thu May 5, 2016, 10:11 AM
WelcomeHomeGodpapa by AzureMischief

...Once upon a time, there was a willowy wizard...

Untitled by AzureMischief  Untitled by AzureMischief

"...Eh- d-did it already start- ... ach ja; it did. Guten Abend! :bow: "

...Once upon a time, there was a willowy wizard carrying a sparkle of magic and a song in his heart, who finally returned home.
I say "returned", because when I got to know him first, it happened in 1992 - thanks to a semi-coloring book with marvellous illustrations, and later, to Lacewood's "The Nutcracker Prince". Since then, I'd always been loving Drosselmeyer as if he were my own godfather, not just the Stahlbaum kids'. Or at least as a grandpa. I guess anyone who reached that part of The Tale of a Hard Nut where he first "began to cry bitterly" and shed a tear on the other side of the book page can consider him their Godpapa as well: nothing baptizes better than tears of compassion. That and it's just great to have a godfather who's not only a skilled mechanic but (a few sad episodes aside) also one great big smile! :D Yeah, yeah, I mean you, Christianchen. :]
And mysterious as well. Mysterious, not sinister, no matter what some critics and/or interpreters say. Just a side effect that comes with being a wizard. 

Untitled by AzureMischief  Untitled by AzureMischief

Because he doesn't even have to turn his good eye side to everyone - a gentle soul shines even through the eyepatch, as well as through the wig. :)

Untitled by AzureMischief

That's the two recent days in a nutshell to you. He's home, he'd successfully recovered after being manhandled by our post (who doesn't have a care in the world that they were delivering a respectable councilman!), and he's delightfully tangible. The six-years-old me cannot believe Godpapa finally left the TV screen to stay aside, join the gang of miscellanous toons, forge the sparkles of fiery magical time, and keep a watchful eye over our home and us.

Guys. This is true magic.

And once again. Danga-SunDragon , you rock. I repeated pretty much the same in Russian, having seen all the WIPs, but will say it again. He's amazing. You're amazing. Thanks once more for agreeing to make the defender of all kids' dreams. :tighthug:

And I remember I promised more artistic photos :) These ones, as well as a small doodle on top, are just to show that he made it to my place and is okay. More to come. Maybe on tumblr, maybe on here, we'll see.

Skin by SimplySilent


Master shared sneek peaks of Zeli (mantle, sideburns and more oak leaves for his bangs are yet to be made) and his sneakers. YOOHAYYYY! :iconlove:
(In case you get a watch again: Just reorganizing my friends list and making separate lists for groups and people, no big deal! No one should get lost :] ) 
/Just seen the WIPs of my Big Zeli being bulit. 
He's already fully paid for (what's left is delivery $ after weekend) and believe me, even on just headshots and with pinned-on strands of sideburns he is already very show-accurate and zeligant - way more than the previous versions of him from the same master. :love: Well, a little bit of proper ref does a lot ;)

...Oh. my. gosh. :iconlove::icongrin--plz::iconlove:
The S. A. D. Theater staff awarded me with a lifetime 40% discount on all their events. ...Are my fanarts that good? :XD:
...Now if only I could get to Moscow and visit them someday.
Игорь Исаев, "Сухое дерево". Читаю, плачу. Если чародей, человек-улыбка, превращается вот в это - он наверняка болен и при смерти. Настолько, что не то что худые рёбра - сюртук на плечах болит, а от любых эмоций - как битого стекла в каждый нерв насыпали. 
Бедное существо.
И вот как-то пофиг, что дальше идут "рыжие усики" и что сюртук у него зелёный и, может, вовсе не наш он, а так - однофамилец.
...нет, Марта всё-таки прелесть. И муж её посыпал-таки искрами магии. И они станцевали-таки вальс и жили долго и ЩАстливо и марципан каждый день кушали. ААААААААААА :icontwinkleplz::icontwinkleplz::iconblush--plz::icontwinkleplz::icontwinkleplz: #nutcrackersteampunk


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Hello! I am gamefamer!
Enjoy the watch and llama!
I am just wandering around deviantart, trying to meet new people,
I also make memes... for some reason…
MissD76 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there, would you mind if I contributed to you "Price of ..." stories? Like a chapter with Boomer and the Axem Rangers?
AzureMischief Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
By "contributed" you mean add a chapter? Why not, it'll be interesting. :)
I wanted  Boomer to be a guard of the Lead Cooler (that is, a jailor, and hence would be his asthma - the prison is in fact cold), but if you have a better idea, feel free to develop it as you wish. 
I'm planning to post "The Price..." here as one PDF soon - just need to whip up a cover and re-read everything for mistakes - so if anything, can I add your chapter to the PDF? 
MissD76 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, I just wanted your OK before I post anything.
And if you want to add my chapter, that's OK with me.
AzureMischief Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Righty-o! With link to author and all, of course. :)
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Sonicgirl582 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2016   General Artist
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You deserve all the hugs and more! Hopefully you are well, my dear. All the love and admiration from me; you are always an inspiration. :heart:
AzureMischief Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
(Welp, gonna prove it once I get more free time and won't feel like a squeezed lemon after work, haha. ;))

Maybe try imagining yourself as Rosyetta - wounded by the Knaaren or somebody of the robot gang maybe? - being hugged by her dear cousin... in a Nookin getup? :cling: And he be all smooth and cool (literally) and soothing and with a half coconut in his hand because coconut milk is what he thinks can relief his sister's suffering at least a bit, besides the whole Nookin island atmosphere? 
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What Can I Do? by SubduedMoon  
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