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Lake of my Dream, Lake of Cream by AzureMischief Lake of my Dream, Lake of Cream :iconazuremischief:AzureMischief 5 3 Kinesthetics! - Almondous Pair by AzureMischief Kinesthetics! - Almondous Pair :iconazuremischief:AzureMischief 3 4
    It was hard to believe. Had Drosselmeyer been a regular human, it would seem absolutely foreign and strange to him. But with his current, magic-inhanced, semi-toy body, it seemed only natural that it had just fit in about a couple jugs of almond milk, and that Martha, admiring him with utmost delight and love, strokes soothing circles on his middle – which, by now, was nearly resting on his lap, almost like his cousin’s, the velvet waistcoat stretched over it.
    She’d been admiring him like that since the moment he knelt by the Lake of Almond Milk and tasted the first handful of it. She handed him a wafer lily flower that would serve as a cup and would be more comfortable to drink from. She didn’t say a word after the flower melted in his mouth after all the milk, – only planted a kiss just under his sternum, at the very beginning of the soft, velvet-clad curve.
    With the massage and the
:iconazuremischief:AzureMischief 1 0
Wake up, Weide by AzureMischief Wake up, Weide :iconazuremischief:AzureMischief 9 3 The Godfather creature (RUS) by AzureMischief The Godfather creature (RUS) :iconazuremischief:AzureMischief 1 0 Godpapa glows my way by AzureMischief Godpapa glows my way :iconazuremischief:AzureMischief 1 0 Stille Nacht by AzureMischief Stille Nacht :iconazuremischief:AzureMischief 5 9 Kinesthetics! - Uhrmacher Knurrmacher by AzureMischief Kinesthetics! - Uhrmacher Knurrmacher :iconazuremischief:AzureMischief 8 4 Fear not, Godchild by AzureMischief Fear not, Godchild :iconazuremischief:AzureMischief 3 2 RE Drosselmeyer Loves by AzureMischief RE Drosselmeyer Loves :iconazuremischief:AzureMischief 8 4 Kinesthetics! - Whispers over the Pegnitz by AzureMischief Kinesthetics! - Whispers over the Pegnitz :iconazuremischief:AzureMischief 8 8
“They say Drosselmeyer always cleansed his body with water before he wrote his stories.”   — Aotoa/Author, “Princess Tutu”, ep. “The Spinners”
“This way-zura! This way, Grandpa-zura! This must be a good story to settle in-zura!”
Before Drosselmeyer and his step-granddaughter was an open portal with what seemed to be just pale light behind it. Or it might be just the Storyweaver’s eyes, long used to the dark void, deceiving their owner, – it’s been ages since his last peek into the bright world of his abandoned story, and even so, it wasn’t that bright back then.
Truth be told, that “let’s go to another story” he said to Uzura was a mere try to cheer her up somehow. Eventually, she would find out they had nowhere to go – a moment Drosselmeyer had long braced himself for. Not that he didn’t try to find this “other story
:iconazuremischief:AzureMischief 3 6
Drosselmoon and sunMartha by AzureMischief Drosselmoon and sunMartha :iconazuremischief:AzureMischief 16 5
It’s their fourth Christmas together; for the fourth time, they are invited to the Stahlbaums, and here they are, Carl Stahlbaum himself greeting them in his mansion. Once more, a “Drossel, old boy!” and a hearty pat on the back – for her husband; and a “Martl, dear”, followed by a small peck on her hand, – for her.
Once more, a Christmas feast – the one Mr. Stahlbaum had always been known around the town for – accompanied by a long talk, a few gentle “just one more bit, for me, Christian…” Martha manages to slip in as it lasts, and just as many slight nods and radiant smiles from Christian, meaning if this makes you happy.
“Watch out, Martha”, laughs Mrs. Stahlbaum, nodding at her husband’s sizeable girth. “You don’t want him to end up like that”. To which Carl just waves a hand with a chuckle. “Posh pish, the lad’s been a twig for as long as I k
:iconazuremischief:AzureMischief 2 1
Kinesthetics! - Five Lilies Wide by AzureMischief Kinesthetics! - Five Lilies Wide :iconazuremischief:AzureMischief 6 14 Kinesthetics! - Frizzles Heart Fringe by AzureMischief Kinesthetics! - Frizzles Heart Fringe :iconazuremischief:AzureMischief 4 4
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An Tu by xnhan00 An Tu :iconxnhan00:xnhan00 214 21 Cinnamon smells by Asprika Cinnamon smells :iconasprika:Asprika 18 4
The Stretch Theory: How to Avoid Writing OOC
In my last article, I talked about character analysis and how it works. I touched upon the dangers of characters being written out of character, and now I've gone and gotten myself all excited about talking about that. So, here we go.
First, I suppose I should explain why writing OOC doesn't work. Well, first of all, readers who go on Fanfiction looking for good stories usually are doing so because they are looking for more of a particular show, movie, game, book, etc. that they really love. They love the characters, or the idea, or just the concepts, and they go to Fanfiction hoping to find more of that particular fandom. They like that fandom the way they've always known it. But if they then come across a story where the characters don't act like they do in the movie, show, book, or just isn't the genre they loved anymore; it's something else. And, chances are, that reader will scrunch up their nose in distaste, hit the back button, and never read the r
:iconzeragii:Zeragii 6 6
Akademia Pana Kleksa by LilianneRozess Akademia Pana Kleksa :iconliliannerozess:LilianneRozess 4 6 Pan Kleks by Falka1 Pan Kleks :iconfalka1:Falka1 2 0
Character Analysis
Hello everyone! Many of you are readers of my Fanfictions, and, maybe, some of you are not, but one thing many people might be able to tell you is that I love character analysis. I love studying and discussing the inner workings, feelings, emotions, thoughts, and motives of a character. So much in fact, that I have decided to rant about it in an article. So, here goes:
So, first off, what is character analysis? Well, according to Google definition online, character analysis is when you study a characters traits, role, and conflict within a story, movie, etc. So, basically, it's studying the who, why, where, what and how of a character; making speculations on what makes them tick, and filling in what the canon of those characters does not. Character analysis isn't hard to do, and can not only help you come up with ideas for a fanfic, but can help you create a far more in depth character for them that others can relate to. I will use some examples in this article later on. I, in the past
:iconzeragii:Zeragii 5 14
sC-pq6zJRBE by FreedomeSoul88 sC-pq6zJRBE :iconfreedomesoul88:FreedomeSoul88 2 2 Won't you speak with me? by FreedomeSoul88 Won't you speak with me? :iconfreedomesoul88:FreedomeSoul88 1 0 Gold Leaf 3D by SuperDasil Gold Leaf 3D :iconsuperdasil:SuperDasil 172 14 Unicorn by golden-quince Unicorn :icongolden-quince:golden-quince 228 15 Snail Party by golden-quince Snail Party :icongolden-quince:golden-quince 146 5 Sea Sprites by golden-quince Sea Sprites :icongolden-quince:golden-quince 139 3 Clementine by golden-quince Clementine :icongolden-quince:golden-quince 154 7 A Jewel-Drop Evening on the Farm by golden-quince A Jewel-Drop Evening on the Farm :icongolden-quince:golden-quince 90 7 The Mokes by golden-quince The Mokes :icongolden-quince:golden-quince 101 3 The Satisfied Fox by Danga-SunDragon The Satisfied Fox :icondanga-sundragon:Danga-SunDragon 43 10
Cool stuff by cool people.

✽ Drawing FREEWARE spotlight ✽

(Free programs I got to test personally. Updated with new ones appearing.)

:bulletblue: FireAlpaca and its fork CloudAlpaca a.k.a. MediBang Paint. Definitely A MUST if you love SAI-like simplicity, custom brushes, screentones (MediBang) and tools needed for creating comics! It's pretty much CLIP Studio and OpenCanvas's kid brother, so freeware lovers are spoiled rotten! :) See the review about all the yummy features.

:bulletblue: Krita. Didn't get to try it out much due to my laptop being old (but sure will once I get to upgrade :]). If yours is newer, you're in luck - it has a ton of tools for digital painting (and just as much scheduled), plus a wrap-around mode for seamless backgrounds and textures.

:bulletblue: DrawPile. Free editor that supports collaborative drawing. Resembles the very first, free OpenCanvas (see below).

:bulletblue: GIMP. I'd been using it until version 2.7.x and then it got slower on my laptop, as well as more complicated with setting up brushes. Still, the reviews say it has a lot of perks and is good for "advanced" and "super advanced" users.

:bulletblue: MyPaint. Krita's kid brother, a lightweight, fast program good for sketching. Has an "endless" canvas.

:bulletblue: OpenCanvas 1.1 and Autodesk Sketchbook Copic Edition. Pretty much same as MyPaint - small, lightweight, with a smaller set of tools, plus Sketchbook Copic is what it says on the tin - tools are various Copic markers and liners. Must be interesting to those who'd like to try out these markers.

:bulletblue: GraphicsGale. A pixel editor, and a rather cool one at that. The only difference is that the free version doesn't export animated .gifs - but that shouldn't be a problem with a whole lot of online gif makers.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello and enjoy my corner of eternal childhood.
I'll be glad if it helps to wake a child in you!

(Links: Currently under construction)

Languages spoken:
:bulletblue: Russian - native. Пишите на здоровье по-русски :)
:bulletblue: English - about 12 years and still learning.
:bulletblue: Polish - prawie 7 lat i wciąż się uczę.

Thing is:
     Right now there are 7 plush mustaches in my collection. A HYUGE handmade gift Yaridovich, four Loraxes and two Gauls (Asterix and Cacofonix). There was also Yosemite Sam, whom I already gave to my friend at work.
    I thought and decided I'd get three smaller Loraxes and both Gauls new homes as well. After all, my biggest dream ever had come true, so if these guys are somebody else's big dream, why not make it true for them. All of the plushies are clean and our home is both smoke- and pet-free.

    Asterix is by some no-name brand but rather on-model, is poseable and has a laughter widget inside. Wings on helmet are plain white, with no "feathers" embroidered.
    Cacofonix is by Muehleck (1993, photo not by me and posted just so his overall look is clearer) and has some kind of stiffener in his body and legs. Shirt and cape are removable. The stiffener in his feet is crumbling, so if the new "chief" wishes, they can "gut" the bard completely, take it out and change the stuffing. Strings on his lyre were in rather bad condition (they seemed to be made of felt and got all shabby) when he arrived, so I just cut them off and the lyre just lays somewhere separately because still no time to make new ones :[ I can include it if you wish, or just send the bard as he is.
    If anything, I can reserve both Gauls for Zeragii as a fan of Asterix series I know.


    Whoever wants the Lorax, will also get several oldie-but-goldie Lorax/Seuss-themed pics (photo of pics avaliable will be later).
    As for shipping, donations are welcome. When I can, I pay for shipping by myself, but if you're willing to tip me, feel free to :)


Question right outta the blue for SMRPG / Smithy Gang fans: What weapon/tool/any kind of Factorian Zeli would be? :)
Didn't know DrosselMartha perfectly fits under the term "mariage blanc" and my headcanon of them both actually being "blank" semi-dolls until now. :thumbsup:
There's also a serious lack of quality Razoff stuff, Razbellyz included, 'round here. You know, QUALITY. Gotta fix that soon...
I'm also on Facebook and Instagram now.
And excuse my dust, again. ^^; Still not enough time to organize everything here yet.
The S. A. D. Theater staff awarded me with a lifetime 40% discount on all their events. ...Are my fanarts that good? :XD:
...Now if only I could get to Moscow and visit them someday.


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AzureMischief Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
By "contributed" you mean add a chapter? Why not, it'll be interesting. :)
I wanted  Boomer to be a guard of the Lead Cooler (that is, a jailor, and hence would be his asthma - the prison is in fact cold), but if you have a better idea, feel free to develop it as you wish. 
I'm planning to post "The Price..." here as one PDF soon - just need to whip up a cover and re-read everything for mistakes - so if anything, can I add your chapter to the PDF? 
MissD76 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, I just wanted your OK before I post anything.
And if you want to add my chapter, that's OK with me.
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Righty-o! With link to author and all, of course. :)
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You deserve all the hugs and more! Hopefully you are well, my dear. All the love and admiration from me; you are always an inspiration. :heart:
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What Can I Do? by SubduedMoon  
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